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Affordable Back-to-school Shopping Tips

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Back-to-school shopping can generate mixed emotions among differing age groups. While the event may provide children and teens with excitement at the prospect of reunions with friends and the return of their daily routine, many parents break a sweat at the damage this annual extravaganza has on their bank statement. However, following these simple tips … More

Coping with Psoriasis

Category: Our Blog

According to the National Psoriasis Foundation, nearly 7.5 million Americans suffer from some form of psoriasis. The skin condition ranges from moderate to severe, typically characterized by increased skin cell production that generates red patches across the skin. These red patches can be itchy, burn, sting, or cause cracking and bleeding on the affected area. … More

Psoriasis Awareness Month: Getting the Facts

Category: Our Blog

Psoriasis is an immune disease characterized by recurring red patches on the skin. Depending on the type of psoriasis, these patches can be scaly, itchy, or even cause burning and stinging. While this condition can appear anywhere on the body, it most commonly appears on the skin of the elbows, knees and scalp. The National … More

12 Shark Facts to Sink Your Teeth Into

Category: Our Blog

Since 1988, Shark Week has been celebrated as a way to raise awareness about shark conservation efforts and correcting misconceptions about the oft-misunderstood fish. If you’ve never camped out in front of your TV for the event or are unable to recall even one interesting shark fact, don’t stress. In honor of Shark Week being … More

Celebrate National Lasagna Day With a Delicious, Hearty Breakfast

Category: Our Blog

Few dishes are as synonymous with hearty, filling family-style meals as lasagna. That is why July 29 has been named National Lasagna Day to honor and celebrate the layered culinary masterpiece. If you’re at a loss for how to celebrate this year, here is a recipe to kick off your day—pancake lasagna. Ingredients: 3 cups … More

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The Basics of Juvenile Arthritis: Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month

Category: Our Blog

Juvenile arthritis (JA), also known as pediatric rheumatic disease, is an umbrella term that describes a handful of autoimmune and inflammatory conditions occurring in children under the age of 16, all with similar symptoms. The National Arthritis Foundation reports an estimated 300,000 children battle JA in the United States. As Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month pops … More

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National Chocolate Day: Health Benefits of Chocolate

Category: Our Blog

Whether it comes in the form of a steamy cup of cocoa on a chilly winter’s eve or the blissful aroma of mom’s signature fudge brownies wafting from the kitchen, chocolate has a record for satisfying nearly anyone’s sweet tooth. Although some see chocolate as a guilty pleasure, the presence of National Chocolate Day reminds … More

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Ready for the Road: Car Skills Everyone Should Have

Category: Our Blog

As summer makes itself known by its debut of sweltering temperatures and quickly melting ice cream cones, many prepare themselves for annual travels to their favorite destinations. This year, ensure smooth travels on your road trip by familiarizing yourself with a handful of vital car skills. Stocking the glove box—On any trip, near or far, … More

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Avoiding Lightning Strikes

Category: Our Blog

The summer may be a great time to spend outdoors, but frequent storms also make it the most likely time to be struck by lightning. Lightning can deliver more than 10 million volts of electricity, and kills an estimated 200 people in the United States each year. And, although lightning strikes aren’t always fatal, they … More

Simple Exercises for Men

Category: Our Blog

Whether workout time entails a handful of crunches on the living room floor during TV commercials or an early morning jog through the neighborhood, following a daily exercise routine is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As Men’s Health Month makes an appearance in June, here are a couple exercises fit for men of any … More

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