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Antique Car Insurance

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The key to preserving and occasionally driving an antique car is making sure you have the right kind of antique car insurance.

An antique car is generally determined to be any vehicle 25 or more years old and is maintained mostly for shows and exhibitions. They fall somewhere between the collectible and the classic. You typically display the antique car more often than you drive it. This means you need a niche policy that will only cover what you need covered.

At Pope Insurance Agency, Inc., we specialize in custom, muscle car, and antique car insurance. Our agents know the difference between your antique car and a classic car. With our specialized insurance, we cover everything from a Model-T Ford to a 1967 Corvette Sting Ray.

At Pope Insurance Agency, Inc., we can customize our antique car insurance policy to meet your specific needs. Rare parts or rare paints, we can find a way of protecting your significant investment.

Contact us – or fill out an online request form – and let’s get your antique car properly covered.

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